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Why are Dry Utility Design Services Important?

One of the first steps when starting a development project is implementing new utility services. These kinds of services include electricity, gas, cable/telecom, and internet. We coordinate, design, engineer, and manage the whole process with dry utility companies in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Popular dry utility design and coordination services we offer to clients include:

  • Dry Utility Planning/Design/Coordination

  • Demolition & Relocation

  • Cost Estimates

  • Scheduling Estimates

  • Easement Coordination

  • Construction Administration

Our dry utility engineering team, which includes a licensed civil engineer, will calculate load requirements for new utilities and upgrades and work closely with local utility companies. These companies include:

  • Pepco

  • Dominion Power


  • Washington Gas

  • Verizon

  • Comcast

  • Baltimore Electric & Gas

  • Century Link

  • Level 3 Communications

  • Cox Communications

While the dry utility design process needs to begin before you break ground, we actually stay involved before, during, and after construction. Steps in our dry utility design and coordination process are as follows:

  1. Initial Evaluation

  2. Temporary Services

  3. Demolition & Relocations

  4. Pre-Design

  5. Design

  6. Pre-construction

  7. Design & Construction Administration​

Do you think you could use our dry utility design and coordination services? Email proposals@dfmdevelopment.com or call 703-942-8700!

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