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First Amazon, Now Apple? Could Both Tech Giants Be Coming to the DC Area?

Accord to several news outlets, there is a pretty good chance that Amazon's H2 will be coming to DC Metro area. DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland are all on the list of Amazon's top 20 finalists. This means 50,000 new workers making 6-figures could potentially be moving to the DC Metro Area. But this number could greatly increase if Apple decides to move to the area as well.

Recently, reports have come out citing that Apple is looking at several potential campus sites in Northern Virginia. Apple hasn't been as public as Amazon with it's search, but the company did announce that it was building a new headquarters earlier this year. The new campus would bring an estimated 20,000 new employees.

While many local residents are excited about the possibility of Amazon and now Apple coming to the area, several critics worry about how the moves will affect housing and traffic. Rent prices are estimated to rise by about $250 if Amazon moves to area and that number could increase if Apple moves over as well. There is also much concern about how traffic will be affected though Metro claims it can support the new workers.

If one or both of the tech leaders move to DC there will undoubtly be a need for more housing and facilities, giving opportunity to builders and developers. DFM Development Services, LLC offers permit expediting, bond release management, dry utility design, and stormwater compliance services to real estate developers, builders, and owners. Email proposals@dfmdevelopment.com or call 703-942-8700 for a proposal.

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