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Are You Familiar With Our Core Services?

We offer four unique core services to real estate developers, builders, and owners in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.


We handle everything from gathering and submitting project information to attending site inspections to completing the actual punch work through our sister construction business. We manage: • Bond Release • Bond Applications • Bond Extensions • Bond Reductions • Bond Tracking • Overall Bond Management • Street Acceptance Packages • Easement/Quitclaim Coordination • Site Punch List Creation Learn More


We help our clients manage every aspect of the permitting process, from scheduling, team meetings, answering questions, and more including: • Building Permit Expediting • Permit Applications • Site Plan Permit Processing • Permit Close-out • Plan Submission / Tracking • C of O's Learn More


We ensure that your project is compliant with the jurisdiction’s current regulations regarding stormwater management. Services include: • BMP Inspections • BMP As-Built Certifications • SWPPP Preparation • Stormwater Permits • Erosion & Sediment Control Inspections • Permanent Stormwater Management Facility Inspections and Maintenance Learn More


We design, engineer, coordinate, and manage the entire process with electric, gas, cable, telecom companies, and internet service providers. • Dry Utility Planning/Design/Coordination • Demolition & Relocation • Cost Estimates • Scheduling Estimates • Easement Coordination • Construction Administration

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Do you have any upcoming development projects? We can help make the process run more smoothly with our services. Email proposals@dfmdevelopment.com or call us 703-942-8700 for a proposal.

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