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The District Wharf: Opening Day and Weekend Schedule

Celebrate the Grand Opening With Live Music, Fireworks, and Activities for the Whole Family.

The day has finally arrived! We are excited to inform you that our clients P.N. Hoffman and Madison Marquette are unveiling Phase 1 of their multi-billion dollar development project, The Wharf. DFM Development Services performed Permit Expediting Services for this project and are happy our services were able to keep them on schedule! For years they have been working on this revitalization of Washington, D.C.'s Southwest Waterfront and today all are invited to witness the transformation of 24 acres of land and 50 acres water. Along with the brand new buildings, shops, restaurants, bars, and boutiques to be opening, enjoy live music, exercise classes, water activities, fireworks and more all weekend long!

For an estimate on your Permitting project email proposals@dfmdevelopment.com or call us 703-942-8700

For a complete schedule and more information click here.

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