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Senior Affordable Housing Development Coming to Southeast DC.

A new senior affordable housing development is taking shape, this time in Southeast D.C. near Skyland Town Center. The development, located at 2419 25th St. SE, is being led by Bethesda-based development firm Miller.

The five-story building is expected to deliver 67 senior living units to the area. The units will be primarily one-bedrooms and will be reserved for senior residents earning up to 60 percent of the area median family income.

We’re excited to share that DFM Development Services, LLC is providing permit expediting services for this new residential development due to be completed in 2023.

The new development is only the latest planned for the bustling Skyland area of Southeast. Skyland Town Center, which is located just a quarter-mile away, is currently under development. Designed as the first town center in Southeast D.C., Skyland promises to be a unique blend of urban and suburban that combines living, shopping, dining, and gathering into one vibrant town square.

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Images are courtesy of MILLER and UrbanTurf.