What is Dry Utility Coordination?

Dry utility coordination refers to the process of planning, designing, engineering, constructing, and relocating dry utility services as part of residential, commercial, or industrial building projects. Dry or shallow utilities include electricity, gas, telecommunications, and internet services.

Dry Utility Coordination

Dry utility coordination spans the following activities:

  • Identifying different utility companies needed in a project
  • Obtaining and reviewing utility records from these companies
  • Identifying efficient ways to relocate existing utilities
  • Representing the client by liaising with the utility company
  • Assisting with submittal and application requirements
  • Overseeing cost responsibility, timing, and concept layout
  • Project scope, scheduling, and reviewing design options
  • Providing conflict resolution strategies

Companies specializing in dry utility services provide professional, end-to-end services for all your dry utility services.

Dry utility coordination services include:

1. Feasibility Studies & Site Evaluation

Feasibility studies and site evaluations help dry utility designers identify and document all the relevant factors that affect a project. During this phase of dry utility coordination, existing dry utilities are identified and compared with preliminary project plans. Dry utility feasibility studies focus on requirements for each utility service provider as well as design and installation constraints, such as topographical conditions, soil quality issues, and even rodent or pest issues. The overall goal is to provide clients with a clear picture of the dry utility coordination process for a specific project’s scheduling, budgeting, and project planning purposes.

DFM Development Services offers initial evaluation and feasibility studies to help clients with dry utility planning and design.

2. Dry Utility Planning

Dry utility planning is essential whether you’re constructing a master-planned community or simply wishing to relocate existing services. During this phase, due diligence collected during an initial evaluation is reviewed alongside client requirements and service provider specifications to recommend design options. Critical path schedules are developed to ensure an efficient and compliant installation process. At DFM, our experienced team creates a detailed plan to ensure your project’s needs are addressed and adhere to your timeline. Our team can also provide right-of-way documentation and traffic planning services in the event public space is impacted as part of the project.

3. Dry Utility Design

Engineered drawings are what guide technicians and contractors through the installation process. Dry utility plans typically include the size, number, and orientation of conduits and other vital elements requested by the utility provider or general contractor. DFM’s dry utility designers handle the engineering bits of dry utility installation, helping clients (contractors, architects, developers, and property owners) bridge the expertise gap in their building projects.

4. Coordination with Utility Providers

Coordination with utility providers is extensive for any dry utility project. Utility providers are integral in multiple phases, from will-serve letters and plan reviews to relocations and final inspections. A critical part of DFM’s role is to coordinate with dry utility providers to ensure your project meets local codes and requirements. We tap into our extensive working relationships with all local utility providers to expedite submittals as well as coordinate inspections and approvals.

5. Dry Utility Construction Management

The construction process is one of the most critical and cost-intensive parts of any utility installation project. The construction process requires working with a vast network of trained and qualified technicians to implement engineered drawings that adhere to each utility provider’s strict requirements. At the same time, utility installation efforts must also avoid conflicts with all other ongoing construction activities. Failure to do so can result in project delays or expensive relocations in the future. At DFM Development Services, our network of dry utility contractors understands the intricacies and works carefully to ensure utilities are installed timely and efficiently.

6. Approvals

All the submittals must be reviewed and approved before construction begins. The utility service providers must assess engineered drawings and do preliminary investigations to establish site suitability. Most times, proposals and submissions get rejected for the slightest mistakes, including omissions, errors, oversight, and unprofessionalism. At DFM Development Services, it’s our responsibility to guide clients through the application process. Our in-depth understanding of local requirements allows us to identify potential design conflicts before submittal, avoiding costly project delays.

DFM Development Services – Masters in Dry Utility Coordination!

DFM Development Services, LLC is a dry utility consultant facilitating dry utility design and coordination throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. DFM’s team of dry utility consultants offers a wide range of services on dry utility coordination: evaluations, cost estimation, relocations, subsurface designs, disconnects, engineering drawings, conduit design, construction administration, planning, and coordination.

DFM regularly works with local utility service providers such as Washington Gas, Dominion Power, PEPCO, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Comcast, Verizon, Cox Communications, CenturyLink, and more.

Contact DFM Development Services for time-to-value, dry utility coordination services.

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