Dry Utility Coordination

What Is Dry Utility Coordination?

As Dry Utility Design consultants, we help facilitate new utility services and upgrades for existing developments. We design, engineer, coordinate, and manage the entire process with electric, gas, cable, telecom companies, and internet service providers.

Which Utility Companies Do We Work With?

On a daily basis, we work with Pepco, Dominion Power, NOVEC, Washington Gas, Verizon, Comcast, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Century Link, Level 3 Communications, and Cox Communications.

Which Types of Dry Utility Services Do We Offer?

Initial Evaluation/Cost Estimates, Subsurface Utility Engineering/Designating, Dry Utility Planning/Design/Coordination, Demolition Disconnects & Relocations, Pepco Structural Facility Drawings (SFD), Conduit Plan Design, Easement Coordination, Construction Administration.

Some of Our Dry Utility Projects and Clients:

  • Wawa: Georgetown
  • P&P Development: Westover II
  • Capitol Seniors: Arbor Terrace of Fairfax
  • Monarch Building & Development Corp: Linden Flats
  • Monument Realty, LLC: One M Capitol Riverfront
  • Edens: Cabin John Shopping Center
  • TM Associates: Buzzard Point Apartments 

Meet Our Director of Dry Utility Coordination

Andrew King

Andrew King is our Director of Dry Utility Coordination. Andrew has been instrumental in helping our Dry Utility Coordination Division grow by developing and implementing several new service offerings, including Subsurface Utility Designating, Utility Surveying, Test Pitting Plan Creation, and Field Stakeout for Test Pitting.

Before coming on board in 2020, Andrew honed his technical knowledge by leading projects for DC Dry Utility Provider, Washington Gas. Andrew has extensive experience developing designs for the relocation of existing natural gas pipelines and facilities.

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