Struggling to Get a Permit in DC, Maryland, or Virginia? How an Expediter Can Help.

A permit expediter assists clients (architects, engineers, commercial developers, etc.) in navigating the complex paperwork of obtaining building permits. A permit expediter helps clients identify, file, and follow up on the process and documentation required to legally secure a building permit.

Permit expedition is a multidisciplinary profession involving building codes, zoning regulations, environmental compliance, and permit procedures. Therefore, when you hire an expediter, you enjoy services beyond those of a licensed building consultancy. Unlike a construction or a building consultant, a permit expediter streamlines the process of obtaining permits and licenses in residential or commercial buildings.

Architects and commercial developers work closely with permit expediters to ensure that all the paperwork is satisfied at every level of legal review. Permit expediters research and prepare applications required for building review processes. Expediters follow up on review processes and provide resubmittal when needed. Permit expediters are professionals that cannot be undervalued in any civil or commercial construction process.

Are you struggling to obtain a permit in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia?

Here are six ways an expediter can help:

Meeting Project Deadlines

Pushing back construction and project deadlines due to review delays is a costly and time-consuming task. Permit expediters understand the drawbacks of a lengthy and time-consuming permitting and plan review process and coordinate their efforts toward streamlining the approval process. Permit expediters achieve approval efficiencies by reducing required plan checks and negotiating faster review times. In addition, expediters optimize their relationships with local jurisdictions to obtain timely information on permit requirements and licensure.

Limiting Rechecks

Permit expediters collaborate with jurisdictional authorities to identify permit requirements. Expediters are familiar with changing regulatory requirements and optimize their processes to expedite approvals for each jurisdiction. Most importantly, working with a permit expediter allows you to specify code requirements. This formal relationship may go a long way in reducing approval rechecks for clients and organizations. In addition, permit expediters spend a significant amount of time conducting due diligence. That means they have information about authority figures. Permitting professionals build networks with authorized personnel and jurisdictions to streamline approvals when necessary.

Facilitating Faster Review Times

Permit expediters facilitate faster review times with the city and county plan and permit reviewers. A permit expediter can do this by requesting faster over-the-counter reviews as opposed to the time-consuming submittal processes. Over-the-counter reviews occur when plan checks are conducted instantly, and RTI is issued by plan reviewers. The over-the-counter reviews allow clients, mostly architects and commercial contractors, to obtain feedback as opposed to waiting for feedback about construction plans.

Communication and Feedback

Preparing and submitting proposals and submittals for review by authorized personnel can be time-consuming and strenuous. However, permit expediters nurture relationships with reviewers and jurisdictions. These relationships help expediters obtain information about code changes and submission issues faster than the average Joe. Expediters’’ relationships with jurisdictions enable them to obtain licenses and information faster. This information is relayed to respective clients. So, working with a permit expediter allows you to remain ahead of your project schedule.


A permit expediter saves you costs that would be spent hiring additional staff. You don’t need to hire a building consultant or a land-use planner with a permit expediter. Instead, your architect can work with a permit expediter to assess whether the project meets all the necessary legal requirements. Architects and commercial developers work closely with permit expediters to understand whether projects meet legal requisites.

Streamlining Approval Workflows

Permit expediters play a central, behind-the-scenes role in the construction and renovation process. Permit expediters have a thorough understanding of the plan requirements in particular jurisdictions. Familiarity with local jurisdictions makes it possible to obtain expedited plans and reviews. A permit expediter can advise a wide range of industry professionals, including architects, engineers, and commercial developers on expediting approvals.

A permit expediter typically plays the following roles:

  • Due diligence on permit and code requirements.
  • Helping clients understand and follow up on the approval process.
  • Filing paperwork with the health, fire, building, and water departments.
  • Helping clients understand how to communicate with the jurisdiction’s officials.
  • Helping you understand and navigate the permitting process.
  • Finalize submittal revisions in case they occur.
  • Communicating and interacting with your project plan examiners.

A licensed permit expediter links you and the jurisdiction’s officials. The permit expediter navigates through the complex, time-consuming process of obtaining licensure and permits.

DFM Development Services, LLC – Streamlining Permit Approval Processes

Permit expediters are professional advisors who play a strategic role in the permit review and approval process. Rather than just linking architects with jurisdictional authorities, permit expediters assume a more proactive approach. They offer solutions to problems that emanate from the permit preparation and review process.

For instance, if a plan reviewer identifies a problem with building drawings or codes, the expediter can provide alternative design methods to overcome the bottleneck. The permit advisor becomes part and parcel of the client’s team, and we work towards achieving your goals.

Contact DFM Development Services to expedite your permit approval processes in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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