DFM Leads Dry Utility Coordination in Baltimore

DFM Development Services, LLC is leading the Dry Utility Design & Coordination efforts in Baltimore, MD, as part of the Harbor Hill development.

Dry Utility Coordination for Baltimore’s Harbor Hill apartments is underway.

Located in Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood, the four-story expansion project will add 71-units and 144 underground parking spaces to the complex. The extension will contain one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and connect to the existing 74-unit Adaptive Reuse building via a sky bridge.

Leading this project for DFM Development Services, LLC is our team of Dry Utility Consultants. Here are five critical Dry Utility Design and Coordination services our team will be working on as part of the Harbor Hill project.

Dry Utilities Coordination Services for Baltimore’s Harbor Hill.

Dry Utilities Initial Evaluation. Step one in any dry utility coordination project is an initial evaluation of existing dry utilities located at the project site. At Harbor Hill, we will compare preliminary plans against existing drawings of all known utilities to develop critical due diligence for the project. This information, in turn, will be used to determine the constraints, requirements, opportunities, budgets, schedules, and overall feasibility of the project. Understanding these details from the outset will help avoid significant catastrophes later in the project.

Baltimore Gas & Electric (BG&E) Relocation. Utility relocation is a common element of most construction and land development projects. Frequently, utility relocation is required to proceed with construction safely. More often, the new design conflicts with the layout of existing dry utilities.

At Harbor Hill, our team will be working with Baltimore Gas & Electric (BG&E), the local gas and electric utility provider. As experienced Dry Utility Consultants in the City of Baltimore, our team is well versed in the local jurisdictional requirements for gas and electric service relocation. After submitting an initial dry utility relocation request to BG&E, our team will coordinate the necessary relocation schedules and fieldwork. We’ll also coordinate with BG&E to obtain inspection/certification of all services and reestablish connections following relocation.

Telecom Relocation. In the 21st century, dry utility relocation no longer applies to just gas and electric service providers. Today, telephone, cable, and internet service providers make up some of the largest dry utility companies in the world.

For Harbor Hill, much of our work will echo that done alongside BG&E. Our team will submit initial dry utility relocation requests to all applicable telephone, cable, and internet services providers. Following all necessary fieldwork and inspections, we’ll request completion letters and coordinate service with the providers.

Dry Utility Design & Coordination – New Service. The design and coordination of new dry utility services is a major undertaking when it comes to new developments. At Harbor Hill, our team is tasked with designing new gas, electric, and telecom services for the four-story building and the underground parking garage.

Using the due diligence collected during our initial evaluation, the team will design, engineer, coordinate, and manage the entire process with the owner, the civil engineer, the architect, the MEP, all dry utility providers, and the prime contractor. To ensure adequate services, our team will thoroughly review utility service requirements and constraints and examine all project drawings to identify any discrepancies that may affect dry utility design.

Throughout this phase of the project, communication and coordination are of the utmost importance. Our team will frequently contact utility providers, contractors, and designers to facilitate the new dry utility services successfully.

Dry Utility Plan. Our team will produce a dry utility plan in conjunction with our new dry utility design services. This CAD-produced set of drawings will be used by the contractor during construction and retained by the developer for future use. A dry utility plan typically includes the size, number, and orientation of conduits and other vital elements requested by the utility provider or developer.

Do you have a dry utility project coming up? Our team of Dry Utility Consultants has decades of experience working with PEPCO, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Washington Gas, Verizon, Comcast, Century Link, Dominion Power, and other utility providers. Contact us today to learn how we can ensure your project planning, design, and construction efforts are executed successfully.

Contact us today to discuss your next Dry Utility Coordination project.

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