Stormwater Facility As-Built Certification

Design changes and rework are inevitable in stormwater facility construction.

From supply constraints and procurement failures to structural changes and beyond, initial designs and plans almost always succumb to the unfortunate realities of 21-century construction.

So, how do local jurisdictions verify correct construction installation for critical infrastructure such as stormwater management facilities?

For contractors constructing stormwater facilities in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, certified as-built drawings serve this purpose.

This blog looks at certified as-built drawings, the as-built certification process, the importance of certified as-built drawings, and as-built plan preparation.

What are certified as-built drawings?

Sometimes referred to as “red-lined” prints, record drawings, or as-built site plans, as-built drawings illustrate how a stormwater facility is actually built versus the originally approved design. Traditionally marked up by the contractor throughout construction, as-built drawings aim to tell the complete story of the construction process, including revisions made to the approved design along the way. As-builts reflect the precise dimensions, geometry, and location of all elements of the work completed under the contract.

For stormwater facilities, as-built drawings typically reflect significant modifications made during construction to essential facility elements like:

· locations,

· materials,

· dimensions,

· grading specifications,

· storage volume and functionality,

· design computations, and

· vegetation.

Typically, as-built plans begin the certification process following the construction phase. To meet as-built site plan requirements, a statement of certification must be signed and sealed by a licensed professional engineer (P.E.), like those on staff here at DFM Development Services, LLC. The certification statement attests that the as-built site plan represents actual site conditions and that all stormwater best management practices (BMPs), stormwater infrastructure, and land covers will comply with requirements when properly maintained and operated.

Certified as-built drawings are often closely associated with stormwater inspections. When conducted during stormwater facility construction, stormwater inspections can document how the facility and surrounding land change as work progresses. Inspection data can then be used to inform and expedite as-built plan creation.

Why are certified as-built drawings necessary?

Certified as-built plans in stormwater construction are necessary for several reasons:

First, certified as-built plans are a jurisdictional requirement for stormwater contractors in Maryland, Virginia, and DC. While each jurisdiction has its own unique standards, they all require entities constructing public and private stormwater management systems and storm drainage systems to submit certified as-built plans. Additional state regulations like the Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) require submitting an as-built plan set as well.

Second, certified as-built plans serve as a legacy record. In the event of future development or ownership changes, developers, designers, contractors, and property owners can turn to the certified as-built plan as a source of trusted and accurate information from which to build upon.

Lastly, stormwater facilities often require maintenance or renovations. Certified as-built drawings provide a thorough and detailed blueprint of a facility’s history, allowing contractors to get up to speed faster and complete projects in less time.

Who prepares certified as-built drawings?

In Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, certified as-built drawings must be stamped and sealed by a licensed professional engineer or another recognized Registered Design Professional (RDP).

Several jurisdictions in the Greater Washington DC region also require select as-built plan elements like stormwater calculations and stormwater profiles to be signed explicitly by a licensed professional engineer. With the unique compliance complexities of stormwater as-builts, a licensed professional engineer is your best bet for as-built certification.

Commissioning an As-Built Plan?

Are you a developer, homebuilder, contractor, or civil engineer lacking the in-house capabilities required to create certified as-built plans? Here at DFM Development Services, LLC., our on-staff professional engineering team is licensed in all three jurisdictions and can promptly provide as-built certification for all types of stormwater facilities and stormwater best management practices. Our experienced team can work with you from the outset or build upon your work after the project is complete.

Contact us today to discuss your as-built plan needs.

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