How Electro-Magnetic Utility Locating Enhances Safety and Efficiency in Construction

Technology has brought about safety improvements in all areas of work. Whether you work somewhere behind a desk or doing a physical job, the positive impact has been felt. In the construction industry, technological advancements have been tantamount to improving both speed and efficiency. In turn, output has also increased.

One such example is Electro-Magnetic Utility Locating (EML), which has had an extremely positive impact on reducing risks in the workplace and getting things done much faster. In fact, according to MarketsandMarkets, the utility locator market is projected to grow from USD 833 million in 2022 to more than USD 1.1 billion by 2027, showing what a difference it is not only making now but also expected to as time goes on. But just how does it enhance safety and efficiency in construction and land development? We explore.

What is Electro-Magnetic Utility Locating?

Electro-magnetic utility Locating is an innovative technology that enables the operator to detect and map out underground utilities such as water mains, gas pipes, and electricity lines. It allows the user to know where infrastructure items are located and avoid them when doing work such as excavating or drilling in an area.

The instruments used for EML work by transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves that interact with the metal and non-metal components underground. This, in turn, means they can pinpoint the location, depth, and orientation of the utilities. A critical tool for construction and land development projects, they can help avoid accidents and significantly increase a job’s productivity.

Utility Locating helps prevent workplace accidents and injuries

Doing excavation or building work on a site can be a risky job. When you are uncertain of what is underneath, you can risk striking utility lines that could then cause significant damage. You might hit a water pipe, damage electrical wires or hit gas lines, all of which could cause service disruptions to houses and businesses in the area.  Beyond disruptions, a utility strike could potentially injure or harm those on the project. Explosions can occur, water can create floods, and other dangerous occurrences might occur.

An EML will ensure you can precisely locate and map buried utility lines before any excavating or land disturbance takes place, meaning you aren’t at risk of hitting them. They will ensure you stay away from crucial infrastructure like water, gas, and electricity supplies and can correctly construct around them.

Utility mapping & locating prevent costly downtime

When working in construction and land development, timeframes are imperative to a project. Having lengthy delays or hitting caveats along the way can wreak havoc on budgets and prevent project managers from finishing the project on time. If you have to guess or estimate the location of underground infrastructure or find other ways to accurately locate where they are, it can take a lot longer and cause many issues. EML can swiftly and accurately detect these underground utilities, meaning you are less likely to hit problems throughout the process and won’t come across any nasty surprises.

Real-time data enables you to effectively plan and navigate the project more realistically, planning your time and method much more effectively. This streamlined approach can save time and money and make the overall running of the project a lot more stress-free.

Utility designation protects what matters most

Maintaining a safe and productive workplace is key to getting jobs done thoroughly and effectively. By utilizing technology such as EML, employees will not only feel safer and less likely to have an accident at work, but will also know their safety is prioritized. By creating a safety culture, you will make them feel valued, improve their work ethic, and encourage them to work to their full potential on the working day. Employees are the crux of any company, so equipping them with the best tools to do their job is vital.

These are just a few benefits that show how Electro-Magnetic Utility Locating can enhance safety and efficiency in construction and land development. It’s important to do what you can to improve workplace safety culture, and utilizing tools such as the above can achieve this.

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