Fast-Track Permit Expediting in DC’s Friendship Heights

DFM Development Services is thrilled to share that our Permitting Services team is working alongside Clarion Partners in connection with their Chevy Chase Pavilion project. Located in the Friendship Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC, the project aims to transform a portion of the pavilion into the new home for a national boutique grocery tenant.

Expediting Transformation to the Area

The Chevy Chase Pavilion and its surroundings have long been a shopping, dining, and business destination. Boasting an impressive array of retail stores, restaurants, and businesses, this area has been a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. Situated on the border of Washington, DC, and Chevy Chase, Maryland, the pavilion and its vicinity are now poised to shape a new future.

As part of the exciting transformation, a notable national grocery store chain is set to join the neighborhood alongside Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh.  While the specific grocery store remains undisclosed for now, its presence will provide yet another compelling choice for the community.

Spanning an impressive 18,000 square feet, this project involves the con version of a former H&M department store into a stunning grocery store within the pavilion’s confines. The new establishment will cater to various needs, offering fresh produce, prepared foods, and household essentials.

The new grocery store, coupled with a significant redevelopment across the street at the former Mazza Gallerie, will undoubtedly bring about a remarkable transformation to the area. This ambitious revitalization effort is set to attract a wave of new visitors and residents, infusing the pavilion with no shortage of new customers.

Obtaining Necessary Building Permits and Certificates

For Clarion’s Chevy Chase Pavilion project, DFM is leading the permit expediting process. Our experienced team is working closely with the Department of Buildings (DOB) in Washington, DC, to obtain all necessary building permits and certificates of occupancy.

To expedite the process even further, our team will make use of DOB’s Accelerated Plan Review Program. This optional paid service serves as an excellent resource for project owners aiming to streamline the traditional permit expediting process. By opting for accelerated plan review, project owners can benefit from an individualized plan review and permitting procedure. However, it is important to note that before requesting the expedited service, project owners and contractors must ensure that their building plans fully comply with DC code requirements and have received approvals from DOB’s participating sister agencies.

Securing Public Space Improvements Permit

In addition to working with the DOB, we are also collaborating with DC’s Department of Transportation (DOT). Current project plans call for modifications and improvements to the public space surrounding the pavilion. To facilitate these changes, our team will work with DDOT to secure a public space improvements permit. This permit will authorize Clarion’s team to make necessary improvements along the street, sidewalks, and other public spaces adjacent to the property to ensure that the grocery store is easily accessible and convenient for local residents and visitors alike. The permit also allows for necessary changes to wet and dry utilities and the installation of items such as construction entrances.

By working closely with DC’s DOB and DOT, we hope to ensure a timely and seamless conversion for the Chevy Chase Pavilion. Our team’s comprehensive approach will prioritize efficiency, safety, and compliance with all required building standards to ensure the successful transformation of this iconic location.

Updates on the Exciting Chevy Chase Pavilion Project

We are proud to be a part of the evolving Friendship Heights neighborhood and look forward to contributing to its continued growth and prosperity. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project from DFM Development Services. We’ll be sure to update this blog when we hear more about the mystery grocery tenant that will join Clarion’s Chevy Chase Pavilion.
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