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We’re thrilled to be working with W.M. Schlosser to complete the WMATA Structures Package A project. This two-phased project aims to improve the safety and reliability of the metro rail starting at Metro’s Rockville station and continuing down the line to Grosvenor-Strathmore, Minnesota Avenue, Naylor Road, and Branch Avenue stations.

What is the WMATA Structures Package A project?

Part of Metro’s Capital Improvement Program, this fast-tracked WMATA project includes two main elements.

First is the demolition and replacement of the 300 foot long Rockville Metro canopy. Currently, in progress, the new steel canopy is scheduled to be complete in mid-January 2022. Once finished, the canopy will include Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite (GFRPC) cladding, EPDM roofing, and new lighting, speakers, and passenger communications features.

Second, comes the repair and rehabilitation of 10 WMATA aerial structures/bridges with major structural issues. Two runs of aerial structures at Grosvenor-Strathmore and Minnesota Avenue require significant post-tensioned concrete structures to reinforce the existing piers. The remaining eight Segmental Bridges will undergo rehabilitation to bring the bridge superstructures back to a state of good repair.

These bridges will remain in service while work is performed, with very limited shutdowns.

What is DFM’s role in this project?

For a project of this scope, several of our teams will be involved, including our Permitting Services, Traffic Control, Environmental Compliance, and Dry Utility Coordination teams. Each will play a unique role in the success of the project.

Permitting Services

Our Permitting Services team is tasked with expediting all necessary permits for the project. Spanning both Washington, D.C., and Maryland, they’ll need to work with multiple jurisdictional authorities. Additionally, they’ll work with both the State of Maryland Department of Transportation and the District of Columbia Department of Transportation to expedite all necessary permits related to state highways and roadways.

Maintenance of Traffic Control

As with any construction project, establishing a safe and efficient work zone that doesn’t disrupt or endanger the traveling public is essential. Our team of Traffic Control experts will develop Maintenance of Traffic Plans detailing the safe and efficient movement of motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles through and/or around all four work zones.

Environmental Compliance

Both Maryland and the District of Columbia have strict environmental compliance regulations related to construction activities. Our experienced Environmental Compliance team, led by Jim Collins, will evaluate the project to determine all applicable county, state, and federal environmental regulatory issues and work with W.M. Schlosser to ensure compliance.

Dry Utility Coordination

Powered by electricity, it should come as no surprise that dry utility coordination is a critical element of a WMATA project. Our expert team of Dry Utility consultants will help facilitate the safe relocation of utilities throughout the rail project. Our team will design, engineer, coordinate, and manage the entire process with PEPCO and other utilities impacted by project activities.

Stay Tuned for Project Updates

We are very excited about his opportunity and to be part of the ongoing transformation of WMATA’s rail network.

Be sure to check back regularly as we’ll be providing project updates. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, where we’ll share highlights from the project. For real-time updates, check out W.M. Schlosser’s live WMATA Structure Package A camera.

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