Types of Building Permits DFM Will Expedite For You: Expanded

A building permit is a legal document issued by a state or local government agency to regulate the construction, demolition, or alteration of buildings or structures. The types of building permits can vary depending on the jurisdiction. This is an expanded version of our previous blog on types of building permits we can expedite for you. We will discuss six additional types of building permits we can expedite here.

Here are six common types of building permits DFM Development Services will expedite for you:

1. Excavation Permit

This type of building permit is required when any type of excavation work is being done on a property, such as digging a trench or excavating a foundation. An excavation permit ensures that any excavations are being done safely, accordingly, and are in compliance with state regulations. In some jurisdictions, excavation permits may also be called grading permits or site work permits.

2. Foundation to Grade Permit

A foundation-to-grade permit is required when constructing a new building foundation or adding onto an existing structure. It’s important to secure this permit before any excavation or foundation work begins. This permit covers the construction of the foundation up to the level of the ground. This ensures that your building plans comply with all the underlying building codes and regulations.

Other purposes of a foundation-to-grade permit include:

  • Ensures that the foundation is constructed safely and prevents injuries and accidents during and after construction.
  • Knowing that your foundation is constructed safely can provide peace of mind for builders and occupants alike.
  • A properly constructed foundation can improve the overall value of a property, which is beneficial when it comes to selling the property.

The final advantage is improved stability because a property-erected foundation is critical for a building’s stability. This permit ensures that the building is structurally sound and stable.

3. Certificate of Occupancy

A certificate of occupancy is a permit that’s issued by the local government after the construction of a building is completed and inspected to ensure it meets all applicable codes and regulations. This certificate confirms that the building is safe for occupancy and meets its intended usage or purpose.

4. Noise Waiver Permits

These permits are required when construction or other activities are likely to generate noise that exceeds the levels allowed by local regulations. This permit may also allow construction or renovation work to occur beyond normal work hours, although with noise control measures.

Why should you secure a noise waiver permit?

  • A noise waiver permit ensures that construction or renovation work proceeds outside work hours, helping reduce the disruption of business activities and ensuring smooth traffic flow during busy hours.
  • Without a noise waiver permit, construction work that generates excessive noise can attract fines and penalties for non-compliance.
  • Another advantage is increased efficiency because a noise waiver permit can allow construction work to proceed outside the work hours, ensuring that the construction work is completed quickly.

Obtaining a noise-waiver permit ensures that you can take measures to minimize the impact of noise on the neighboring properties, such as using sound barriers and other noise-reducing technologies.

5. After-Hours Permits

Similar to noise waiver permits, after-hours permits allow work to proceed beyond normal work hours, such as overnight, on the weekend, and even holidays. After-hours permits require additional safety measures and are granted for a limited time only.

The benefits of after-hours permits include:

  • After-hours permits allow construction work to occur beyond standard construction hours, avoiding disruption to local business operations and traffic flow during work hours.
  • After-hours permits allow construction activities to continue undisrupted, ensuring the timely completion of projects.

By allowing construction work to proceed beyond normal hours, you can not only ensure traffic and pedestrian safety by reducing the impact on traffic flow and pedestrian pathways but also ensure timely project completion.

6. Tenant Layout Permits

Tenant layout permits are required when making changes or modifications to the interior of a commercial building or a leased commercial space. A tenant typically seeks this permit when wanting to make significant alterations to the layout or design of their space, such as adding or removing walls, changing the electrical or plumbing systems, or installing new fixtures or equipment. Tenant layout permits ensure that the work is being done safely and in compliance with building codes and standards.

Why expedite your building permit with DFM Development Services?

There are several reasons why it’s beneficial to expedite your permit with a professional permit expediter:

  • Saves time: A professional expediter can navigate the permitting process quickly and effectively, saving your project time and helping you meet set deadlines.
  • Saves money: By expediting the permitting process, you can avoid costly fines and costly delays for non-compliance with building codes, regulations, and standards.
  • Expertise: Professionals specializing in the permit expediting process have a deep understanding of building codes and standards and can ensure that your building or structure meets all the underlying requirements before submitting a permit application.
  • Reduced stress: Permit expediting is a complex and time-consuming process. Working with professionals can reduce your stress levels by taking care of the steps involved.
  • Better communication: Permit expediters have strong connections with local building departments, helping expedite your permit process and ensuring that your project runs smoothly.

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